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Follow the directions to EARN (extra credit) while you LEARN

Directions for Extra Credit Quizzes

To earn Extra Credit take the linked quizzes below during the appropriate time frame.

Score 100% on the quiz. Print the page with your score of 100%, write your name on it, and turn it in at the start of class during the time period when it is due.

To print screen (if you have trouble printing a score box), press "Print Screen" on the upper right hand of your keyboard, then paste that into a Word document and print. Please do not email quiz results to me.

If the due date falls during an absence, weekend or school holiday, please make sure you have submitted them PRIOR to that date.


Bonus Quizzes:

Final Reviews: 5/1- 1 day before AP Biology Exam





Ecology: 4/15 – 5/1




Plant Systems: 3/15-4/1




Animal Systems: 3/1-3/15




Microbes: 2/7-2/21




Evolution: 1/21-2/7




Meiosis & Heredity: 1/7-1/21




Gene Expression & Regulation: 11/30-12/15


Molecular Biology 11/1-11/15



Cellular Communication & Control: 10/16-11/1



Cellular Energetics: 10/1-10/15



Cytology Due: 9/1-9/28

The Nature of Science Due: 8/7-8/16

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