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August 8-12
Introduce myself to the students (E+R=O)
Give out the lab and class syllabi and go over it
Lab accident at Jefferson High video questions
Collect both syllabi for a grade
Start chapter 1 lecture over scientific method
Students will receive notes to go along with the lecture
Chapter 1 worksheet in class
Students receive their table of contents 
            This is for organization and will be gone over everytime there is new work given 
Students receive their first bell work sheet 
            Bell work will be done at the beginning of class every day, so even if it isn't listed as
            something we did that day, we will 
August 15-19
Continue working on chapter 1 worksheet in class
Students receive scientific method packet and begin working on in class
         Science of life
         Brain pop
         What is the scientific method?
Scientific method Sponge Bob lecture with a follow along worksheet
Students receive the "Performing an experiment" worksheet
Students receive 2 scientific method worksheets
         Controls and variables
Students begin working on chapter 1 notecards (vocabulary) and are shown how to do them
      I give them their first 25
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