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Introduction to Culinary Arts

Introduction to Culinary Arts is a course designed to introduce students to fundamental food preparation terms, concepts, and methods in Culinary Arts where laboratory practice will parallel class work. Fundamental techniques, skills, and terminology are covered and mastered with an emphasis on basic kitchen and dining room safety, sanitation, equipment, maintenance and operation procedures. Course also provides an overview of the professionalism in the culinary industry and career opportunities leading into a career pathway to Culinary Arts.

Mastery of standards through project-based learning, technical skills practice and leadership development activities of Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) will provide students with a competitive edge for either entry into the educational global marketplace and/or the post-secondary institution of their choice to continue their education and training. The prerequisite for this course is advisor approval. This course is the prerequisite for continuing in the career pathway and enrolling in Culinary Arts 1.

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