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Unit 2: Week 1
Monday, September 18
Bell Work:
1. List components of an atom
2. Draw a picture of the atomic structure:
Start Chapter 4
Science fair: Print Forms  (Due Wednesday)
   Checklist for adult sponsor 
   1A student checklist
   1B Approval form 
Tuesday, September 19
Bell Work:
1. What atomic model did JJ Thompson create?
2. Who discovered the nucleus?
Wednesday, September 20
Bell Work:
1. Who discovered neutrons?
2. Who believed atoms were indivisible and indestructible
Thursday, September 21
Bell Work:
Find the neutrons, protons and electrons for the following isotopes:
Sulfur- 33
Additional Practice Worksheet
Friday, September 22
Bell Work:
Find the average atomic mass given the following:
Li-4, mass: 4.023, abundance: 89%
Li-8, mass: 8.450, abundance: 11%
Week 2

Monday, September 25
Bell Work:
Find the neutrons, protons, eletrons, atomic mass, atomic number, and istopic notation for the following:
Fission and Fusion book activity
Tuesday, September 26
Bell Work
What are the three types of radioactive decay and their respective charges?
Finish worksheet
Study for quiz tomorrow!
Wednesday, September 27
Bell Work
Write an equation for the alpha decay of K-24 and Se-80
Quiz: atoms, isotopes, ions, average atomic mass
Science Fair: Research Paper Criteria (due October 10, 2017) 
Thursday, September 28
Bell Work
Write an equation for the beta decay of K-24 and Se-80
Friday, September 29
Bell Work: Half life of Zinc is 2.4 minutes. How long will it take for a sample of zinc to decay to 1/16 of the original amount of zinc in each sample?
Homework: have a great weekend!!
Week 3
Monday, October 2
Bell Work:
Write the nuclear equation for the alpha decay of N-14 and Se-79.
Due Wednesday
Homework: work on review guide and study for Wednesday's test
Tuesday, October 3
Bell Work:
The half life of Ra is 3.66 days.  What was the original mass if 0.5 grams remains after 7.32 days?
Homework: work on review guide and study for test 
Wednesday, October 4
Bell Work:
What type of ray would be attracted to a negatively charged sheet of metal? 
Unit 2 Test 
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