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Week 1
Monday 10/9
No school Columbus Day
Tuesday 10/10
Bell Work: What is an electron? Where are they located in an atom?
5.1 Noteguide with follow up questions
Wednesday 10/11
PSAT: no class
Thursday 10/12
Bell Work:
What is the bottom energy state?
What happens when electrons gain energy?
Electron Configuration Notes
Electron Configuration Practice
Friday 10/13
Bell Work:
Write the electron configuration for: Nitrogen and Zinc
Electron Configuration Practice
Week 3
Monday, October 16
Bell Work:
Write the abbriviated electron configuration for: Rg and Br
Tuesday. October 17
Bell work:
What is the name of group 17 on the periodic table?
What is the name of group 2 on the periodic table?
Wednesday, October 18:
Bell Work:
Which has larger electronegativity?
Sr or Ba
Co or Cu
Flame Test Lab
Thursday, October 19
Bell Work
Which of the following have a larger atomic radius?
Li or Be
Li or Na
Review: Kahoot
Friday, October 20
No bell work
Unit 3 Test
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