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Week 1
Monday, October 23
Bell Work:
Name the valence electrons of elements in:
group 1
group 2
group 18
Tuesday, October 24
Bell Work:
What are the three different types of bonding?
Substitute Practice Worksheet 
Wednesday, October 25
Bell Work:
What type of bond will form between:
Na and F
N and O
O and H
Thursday, October 26
Bell Work: 
Will the following for a cation or anion:
Sr, Te, Br, Al, Rb, P
Friday, October 27 
Bell Work:
What is a cation?
What is an anion?
Where are the transition metals located?
Returned research paper
Second Draft Due: November 10
Science Fair: December 6
Week 2
Monday, October 30
Bell Work:
Name the following:
Tuesday, October 31
Bell Work:
Name the following
H20 and Ca2C
Exploding Pumpkins Demonstration
Kahoot Review Game
Wednesday. November 1
Bell Work
What is the difference between an ionic and covalent bond?
homework: study for test! 
Thursday, November 2 
No bell work
Ionic and Covalent bonding practice
homework: study for test tomorrow
Friday, November 3
No bell work
Formula Writing and Naming Test! 
Week 3
Monday, November 6
Bell Work: How are atoms held together?  What types of bonds have we talked about?
Tuesday, November 7
Bell Work:  What are the 5 shapes of molecules?

Wednesday, November 8
Bell Work: Draw the structure for SCl2
Thursday, November 9
Bell Work:
Draw the structure and name: 
BrCl2 and BBr3
Friday, November 10
Bell Work: 
Write a property of Covalent bonds and a property of ionic bonds
Ionic and Covalent Compound Properties Lab 
Week 4
Monday, November 11
Bell Work
How many atoms are in each:
2nd draft of research paper due
Tuesday, November 12
Bell Work:
S8 + O2 -> SO3
Wednesday, November 13
Bell Work:
KBr + Cl2 -> KCl + Br2
Unit Review Guide
Discuss board for science fair
Poster Board, Log Book and Final Research Paper due: 12/6 
Thursday, November 14
No Bell Work
Unit 4 Test
Friday, November 15
Bell Work:
Na + H2O -> NaOH
Bonding Lab 
Week 5
Monday, November 27
Bell Work:
Balance: Mg + HCl -> MgCl2 + H2
Tuesday, November 28
Bell Work: Give an example of a single replacement and synthesis reaction
Lab: Chemical Reaction 
Wednesday, November 29
Balance: CaO + H2O -> Ca(OH)2
Complete Part 4 of Lab 
Go over Monday's work
Thursday, November 30
Bell Work:
Write the equation:
Iron Metal reacts with water vapor to form Iron II hydroxide and hydrogen
Friday, December 1 
Bell Work: Sodium nitrate and Calcium sulfate form:
week 6
Monday, December 4
Bell Work: Sodium nitrate and Calcium sulfate form:
Tuesday, December 5
Bell Work
Predict the products: Ca + Na2CO3 -> 
Wednesday, December 6
Bell Work:
C2H6 + O2 ->
Chemical Reaction Test 
(extended 1st period) 
Thursday, December 7
extended 2nd period 
Friday, December 8 
extended 3rd period 
set up science fair
observe boards and review 
week 7
Monday, December 11
Bell Work:
Name all of the metric prefixes
Tuesday, December 12
Bell Work:
Who created the modern day periodic table?
How were the elements arranged?
Wednesday, December 13
Substitute teacher
Bell Work:
Name the protons, neutrons, electrons oxidation number and electron configuration for chlorine
Watch: The Elements
fill in video guide 
Thursday, Decemeber 14
Bell Work
Name the protons, neutrons, electrons oxidation number and electron configuration for sodium
Friday, December 15 
Bell Work:
Name the following: 
P2O5, N2O3, Fe2O3 
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