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Week 7: 9/17-9/21

Day 1:          Bring Your Chromebook/Electronic Device to Class for  GIZMO: Osmosis

Go to and create a username for my class, using the class code 2HWJN25CRP

Day 2: Please plan to have A & B class , C Study Hall and D Lunch

Cell Notes  Continued. (page 17)

Day 3: Case Study: Osmosis is Serious Business

          Case Study: Little Girls Lost; A Case Study on Defective Cellular Organelles

Day 4: Cell Notes  Continued. (page 17)

Bring 1 bag of M&Ms (not an individual or mini bag) to class

Day 5: Watch Bozeman’s Video on Chi Square BEFORE class

Chi-Square Lab





=         Magazine Ad Experimental Design Carousel 

Week 6: 9/10-9/14

Day 1:          Diffusion/Osmosis Lab Quiz

Prior to class, please view How a Phospholipid Bilayer Is Both Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic & Bozeman’s Cell Membrane Video

Day 2:          Diffusion/Osmosis Lab

Day 3:                    Diffusion/Osmosis Lab

Day 4:          Diffusion/Osmosis Lab

Day 5:          Diffusion/Osmosis Mystery Inquiry Presentations



Reflections: Graphic Organizers

When you receive your graded Crib Sheets, here is some help in deciphering my shorthand:

=         GO –you did not include a graphic organizer. A group of words with a box around it, or lines (without words) connecting is NOT a graphic organizer.

=         CONX- you did not connect your concepts. Writing words with circles/boxes/shapes around them does not show how they are related to each other. Show how concepts are connected to each other

=         CONT-your picture is lacking content. I should be able to learn Biology from reading your graphic organizers

=         FILL- you are supposed to fill the page with Biology content, there should be no blank spaces waiting for you to fill

=         >3rc- Tables should have at least 3 rows and 3 columns to truly demonstrate relationships between contents/concepts.

=         L?- where are the labels for this diagram

=         C- where is the color for this chart/picture/diagram

=         ?- something is missing, or not easily understood

-empty space

Please know that I do not accept late Crib Sheets; as the purpose of the Crib Sheet is to prepare for the test—and I do not accept late notebook checks; as your notebook should be with you and ready daily.

I hope this helps to clarify.

Happy Studying





Week 5: 9/3-9/7

Day 1: No School

Day 2: Enzyme Catalysis (page 14) Lab & Quiz

Day 3:  Enzyme Catalysis

Day 4: Enzyme Catalysis/Enzyme Inquiry

Day 5: Enzyme Inquiry Presentations




Reflections: Organic Compounds Remediations:

If you did not pass the last Biochemistry quizzes (Check Infinite Campus), please do the following

          Watch Bozeman’s Video on Biomolecules2

          Complete the Biological Molecules Review Worksheet and turn it in on Monday 8/22/16





Week 4: 8/27-8/31

Day 1: Organic Compounds PPT Presentations

Day 2: Organic Compounds PPT Presentations/ Cell Notes  Continued.

Day 3: Surface Area to Volume Ratio Activity (handouts will be distributed in class)

Day 4: Biochemistry Test (Crib Sheet Due)

Day 5: Cell Notes  Continued. (page 17)




Reflections: Cornell Notes.

All notes taken in class should be taken in the Cornell Note format. With the “notes” being the answers to the questions written in the margin.  There should be a summary of the notes at the bottom of each page.

Here are some links to help with your Cornell Note Taking Format





Week 3: 8/20-8/24

Day 1:          Chemistry Notes Continued (Quiz?)

Day 2:          Chemistry Notes

Day 3:                    Toothpickase Lab   

Day 4;          Chemistry Notes

Day 5:          Organic Compounds PPT Presentations


Reflections: Here are some Videos showing how Free Radicals negatively affects organisms and how antioxidants support the health of organisms

          Oxygen, Antioxidants, and Free Radicals

          Free radicals and antioxidants

          Antioxidants - vs - Free Radicals - Immune System

          What is Free Radical Damage?

          Antioxidants & Free Radicals Explained




Week 2: 8/13-8/17

Day 1:          Chemistry Notes (p13)

Day 2:          Chemistry Notes (Quiz?)

Day 3:          County Mandated PreTests

Day 4:                    Review of Study Guides

Chemistry Notes (Quiz?)

Day 5:       Macromolecule pattern Matching Activity (copies will be provided)





Week 1: 8/6/17-8/10/17

Day 1:         

=         Student Information Form

=         Syllabus & Guidelines

=         Issue Textbooks

=         Collect Summer Assignment (check and bookmark "Important Dates" for due dates of assignments)

Day 2: Scientific Inquiry Fact vs Fiction Quiz and Think-Pair-Share

Day 3: Scientific Inquiry Fact vs Fiction Think-Pair-Share continued

Day 4:

=         How to Write A Scientific Article (p6) (Lab report) PPT notes

=         Group working on Magazine Ad Experimental Design

Day 5:

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