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students will go to the computer lab to complete the molecular geometry activity
molecular geometry online simulation in computer lab (find the link on 11/27)
in class - handouts = chapter 8 lecture notes 
 lecture - basics of ionic bonding (types of elements, transfer of electrons, lattice energy and factors that affect it, when are they electrolytes), metallic bonds (properties - sea of electrons, malleable, and ductile), covalent bonds (types of elements, sharing electrons, molecular geometries (sub and expanded octets) and bond energy. 
students complete numbers 13, 21, 33, 36, 37, 38, and 43 from chapter 8 of text  
students will take a molecular geometry quiz - draw and identify the geometry 
after the quiz the students will work on a POGIL activity on polar and nonpolar covalent compounds  
Atomic Structure and Bonding test Thursday and Friday 
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