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LAST DAY  to TURN in GRADES is May 16 
  1.  Summarize Article about Puerto Rico and explain why it intersts you- January 5th 
  2.  Present in front of the class with a partner a script presenting yourself, describing what you feel like doing (tener), what foods you like and do not like (gustar), and saying goodbye.- January 16th 
    • 2 questions using the verb tener  (p.91) to see the conjugations 
    • 2 questions using the verb gustar
    • use vocab from p.159
    • Greet and Say Goodbye to eachother.    

    3. Possesive Adjective and Vocab Worksheet- February 9th

    4. Virtual Learning Day- March 1st 

    •       write 2 facts about the importacne about Carnaval
    • Video on Carnaval 
    • This will be a 50 point assesment during learning grade

    5. Speaking Section of Exam- March 2nd 

    6. What part of the Culture of Spain Interests you- March 16th  

             - Have a brief explanation of what interests you and give a background of the topic. At least 5 sentences

    7.  Virtual Learning Activity 2- March 19th 

    Conjugate the 6 stem-changing verbs from the vocabulary 

    1. cerrar 
    2. empezar 
    3. entender 
    4. pensar 
    5. preferir 
    6. querer 

    Avancemos 1 - Unidad 4 - Lección 1.pdf

    Use this link to learn about stem changing verbs. 

    Watch the video to know the common rules for stem changing i-----> to ie verbs 

    Please send me your conjuations thru Verge or you can turn them in class by March 20th 

    8. Presentation of Direct Objects and Stem Changing Script- March 27th in the middle of class

    Directions: Please use 4 direct objects and 4 stem changing verbs in a script with a partner use pages 199 & 204 to review these grammar topics. Make sure to have vocab words (p.213). You DO NOT have to memorize your script. 

    Groups of 1 to 2 

    Ex.  A-  Ellos prefieren los zapatos   (They prefer the shoes)

           B- Van a comprarlos?  ( Are they going to buy them)

           A- Me gusta la blusa  

           B- La compro.  

           A- Eres mi persona favorita 

           B- Te quiero 

    10. Spain Events During the month of April (19th-26th of April)

    11. Grammar/ Vocab Speaking Quiz (May 11th)- Can work alone or with a partner. Each need to have CONJUGATIONS of  (3) stem chaning o-> ue verbs and (1) i->e. Each need to have 5 vocab words from p.237. I want to see that you know how to use the verbs with the vocabulary in Unit 4 Lesson 2. You can find all the stem changing verbs on p.237

    Need to have complete sentences, but does NOT need to be a skit.  

    Will need to be able to pronounce everything without help

    o to ue: costar, almorzar, dormir, volver, encontrar, poder 

    e to i: pedir and servir 

  1. Respect one another
  2. Bring textbook everyday to class
  3. Bring notebook and writing utencil to class
  4. Have 3 days to turn in Late work after it was assigned  

Essential Questions 
  1. Say which foods you like and don't like 
  2. How to talk about things you do and do not do.
  3. What are differences between conjugating -er and -ir regular verbs 
                                                                                    Mini Projects Presenations

Possesive Adjective and Vocab- Create a conversation in groups of 2 to 3 people. Ask and Answer questions using the vocab on page on 183 and the Possesive Adjectives. Need to use 3 different kinds of posseive adjectives and 7 different vocab words.  Due el 14 de febrero 

el 16 de abril al 20 de abril 
  lunes martes
 miércoles jueves viernes
 el calentamiento 
Into to Vocab
Stem Changing Verbs Notes
Paraphrase the lines of Maribel in English with a partner p.221 Telehistoria escena 1  Presentations of events in Spain  Go over worksheet
 la lección
Activties 1 and 4 
p.220 and p.222 
Activities 5-6 p.224 Watch Telehistoria 1 Presentations of events in Spain Cultural day  
 el resumen 
Find an event that is going on in Spain this month due Thursday.   Activities 5-6 p.224  Watch Telehistoria 1 Worksheet Vocab and o to ue verbs due Friday (will be graded in class) Cultural day
el 23 de abril a 27 de abril
  lunes martes
 miércoles jueves viernes
 la lección
 el resumen 
Notebook Unidad 3: Puerto Rico el 24 de enero (jan. 24th)
                                                                  click here to watch a video how to conjugate regular -er and -ir verbs 
  1. El vocabulario p.159 (9 de enero) 
  2. El calentamiento: Cómo se dice "Can I go to the bathroom" en español" (10 de enero)
  3. Gustar with Nouns p.145 (10 de enero)
  4. Write the defintion of "Infinitive" p.42 (22 de enero)
  5. Present Tense of -er and -ir verbs p.150 (23 de enero) 
  6. Write complete sentences for Activity 13 & 14 p.151 (23 de enero)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Notebook Unidad 3 Lección 2: Puerto Rico (el 12 de febrero) 

                                                                               Possesive Adjective Video 

                                                                              GustarGustar Review 

  1. El Vocabulario p. 183 write in English and Spanish (1 de febrero)
  2. Nota gramatical on p. 166  (5 de febrero)
  3. Actividad 1 & 2 on p.166 (5 de febrero) 
  4. Write the numbers on page 87 (6 de febrero)
  5. Possessive adjective notes p.169 and activities 5 & 6 p.170 (6 de febrero)
  6. Nota Gramatical sobre tener p.168 (conjugate tener p.91) (9 de febrero) 


                                  Notebook Unidad 3 Lección 2: Puerto Rico to Unidad 4 Lección 1       (14 de marzo)  

                              compartives video       comparatives  

                                                                  gustar notes 

  1.  Notes on Comparatives p.174 Everything in the box (14 de febrero) 
  2. Activities 12 and 13 on p.175 Write in Complete Sentences (15 de febrero) 
  3. 5 Facts About Spain (9 de marzo
  4. REVIEWGustar p.42 Review Write the all the indirect pronouns and do p.43 Activity 13 (12 de marzo)
  5. Vocabulario write in english and spanish p. 213 (12 de marzo)  


                                                             Unidad 4 Lección 1: España (10 y 11 de abril)


                                                            Direct Object Video 

  1. Actividad 1 y 2 p.196 complete sentences (14 de marzo)
  2. Stem-Changing Verbs: e->ie notes p. 199 (15 de marzo)
  3. Calentamiento: Nota Gramatcal y Did you get it p.198 (20 de marzo) 
  4. Tarea: Actividad 5 y 6 p. 200 Write it all out (21 de marzo)
  5.  DOP notes on p.204 make sure to have the box  (22 de marzo) 
  6. Activity 11 and 12 p.205 Write in complete sentences (23 de marzo) 

                                                                  Unit 4 Lesson 2  

  1.  Vocabulary p.237 (17 de abril)
  2. Activties 1 and 4  p.220 and p.222   (19 de abril)
  3. Copy Notes for Stem Changing Verbs o-> ue p.223  Conjugate:  costar, almorzar, dormir, volver, encontrar (23 de abril) 
  4. Activities 5 & 6 p.224 (write it all out) (4 de mayo) 
  5. Copy Notes for Stem Changing Verbs e -> i  p.228 Conjugate: pedir and servir (7 de mayo)
  6.  Activities 11 and 12 write it all out p.229 (8 de mayo) 
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