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Classroom Guide
  1.  Summarize Article about Puerto Rico and explain why it intersts you- January 5th 
  2.  Present in front of the class with a partner a script presenting yourself, describing what you feel like doing (tener), what foods you like and do not like (gustar), and saying goodbye.- January 16th 
    • 2 questions using the verb tener  (p.91) to see the conjugations 
    • 2 questions using the verb gustar
    • use vocab from p.159
    • Greet and Say Goodbye to eachother.    
  1. Respect one another
  2. Bring textbook everyday to class
  3. Bring notebook and writing utencil to class
  4. Have 3 days to turn in Late work after it was assigned  

Essential Questions 
  1. Say which foods you like and don't like 
  2. How to talk about things you do and do not do.
  3. What are differences between conjugating -er and -ir regular verbs 

January 16th to January 19th 
  lunes martes
 miércoles jueves viernes
 el calentamiento 
No School   Presentation
   Go over Vocab Review Sheet
 Review -ir and -er verbs activity 
  -er and -ir practice 
 la lección
 No School 
 Lesson  on -er and -ir verbs Listening Activity Quiz  
 el resumen 
No School   Vocab Review Sheetp.150-151 Notes and Activity on -er and -ir vebs Vocab Review  

Review Quiz

January 22nd to January 26th  
  lunes martes
 miércoles jueves viernes
 el calentamiento 
 Warmup: Cómo se dice "Can I get a drink of water" en español"  Vocab review
Review H/W  
Vocab Review
Listening Activity  Using -er and -ir in conversations 
 la lección
Vocab Review 
Notes on Present Tense of -er and
-ir verbs
 Vocab quiz on page 159
Reading Activity  
Using -er and -ir in conversations
 el resumen 
Go over Vocab Review Sheet  Finish for H/WGo Over Quiz  Review Using -er and -ir in conversations
Notebook Unidad 3: Puerto Rico
  1. El vocabulario p.159 (9 de enero) 
  2. El calentamiento: Cómo se dice "Can I go to the bathroom" en español" (10 de enero)
  3. Gustar with Nouns p.145 (10 de enero)

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