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Students will have a quiz or test every Wednesday.
Students get their homework assignments on Thursday and the homework is due on Wednesday. Students can turn in their homework early, if they want to. 
Students are also graded each week on classwork and participation. 
Spanish 2 alebrije project research paper rubric


FECHA ______________________________________________________





16 points

10 points

0 points


Exceptional introduction that grabs reader’s interest and states topic.

Basic introduction that states topic but lacks interest.


Weak or no introduction of topic.

Paper’s purpose is unclear/thesis is weak or missing.

What is an alebrije?

Paper explains what an alebrije is, why they are special, why people want to buy them.  Describes what they look like and what they are made of.  Where are they sold?

Paper gives basic information about what an alebrije is.

Very little or no information and details are included.  Reader is unclear as to what is an alebrije.

History of alebrijes

Paper explains how and when albrijes were created, the inspiration behind them, who first created them and in what city and country.  Paper explains what material the first alebrijes were made of and why they evolved into being made of today’s material.

Paper gives basic information about the history of alebrijes.  Information is missing.  Student did not go into detail about the history of alebrije.

Very little or no historical information provided.



Clear and logical order that supports thesis with good transitions between and within paragraphs.

Somewhat clear and logical development with basic transitions between and within paragraphs.

Lacks development of ideas with weak or no transitions between and within paragraphs.


Excellent summary of topic with concluding ideas.

No new information is introduced in the conclusion.

Basic summary of topic.  Writer introduces new information into the conclusion.

No conclusion.

Length of paper

Paper is two pages or more typewritten


Paper is less than two pages typewritten.  Paper is handwritten.

+ 5 points rubric turned in with paper  -5 points no rubric turned in with paper

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