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Week 1
Monday, 10/9
No school: Columbus Day
Tuesday, 10/10
Who keeps the ocean clean?
Wednesday, 10/11
Make-up work
Thursday, 10/12
Bell Work: What sea touches at least 3 continents?
Earth's Layers Notes
Earth's Layer Practice
Friday, 10/13
Bell Work:
What has no beginning, end, middle, and touches every continent?
Week 2
Monday, October 16
Speaker from the CDC
Tuesday. October 17
Bell work:
What is something you learned from the speaker yesterday?
Wednesday, October 18:
Bell Work:
Who cleans the ocean?
human planet: artic ocean
Thursday, October 19
Bell Work
Name something you learned about the artic ocean
Friday, October 20
Bell Work:
What ocean do you want to visit? Why? 
Human Planet: Desert  
Week 3
Monday, October 23
Bell Work:
If you could choose one ocean related topic to study for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
Human Planet
Tuesday, October 24
Bell Work:
Name the layers of the Earth
Substitute Teacher
Wednesday, October 25
Bell Work:
Draw a scuba diver
Chapter 3 PowerPoint: slides 1-34 
Thursday, October 26
Bell Work:
how do you fix a jack-o-latern with a hole in it?
Brainpop: techtonic plates
Finish Chapter 3 PowerPoint: slides 35-47
Friday, October 27
Bell Work:
What type of music is a mummy's favorite?
Blue Planet: Ocean World
week 4
Monday, October 30
Bell Work:
What is the spookiest thing about the ocean?
Review Guide Pt 1
Tuesday, October 31
Bell Work:
What was your favorite halloween costume? why?
Wednesday. November 1
Bell Work
What is the difference between a slab pull and a ridge push?
homework: study for test!
Thursday, November 2
No bell work
Substitute: underwater exploration
homework: study for test tomorrow
Friday, November 3
No bell work
Chapter 3 Test!!
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