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Week 1
Monday, November 11
Bell Work:
Would you like to live in another country?  Why or why not?
Tuesday, November 12
Bell Work:
Is modern culture ruining childhood?  Why or why not?
Test Corrections
Wednesday, November 13
Bell Work:
What would be 3 things you would do if you were president?
Thursday, November 14
Bell Work:
What are your plans for your future?
Friday, November 15
Bell Work:
should rich people be required to pay more taxes? Why or why not?
Week 2
Monday, November 13
Bell Work: 
What are two ways to minimize gun violence?  

Tuesday, November 14
Bell Work::
Should voting be mandatory? Why or why not?
Finish Seasonal Seas
Wednesday, November 15
Bell Work:
What is your favorite food for Thanksgiving?
Study for Test tomorrow!
Thursday, November 16
Bell Work:
Do we need a higher minimum wage? Why or why not?
Chapter 4 Test
Friday, November 17
Bell Work: 
What are your Thanksgiving plans?
Week 3
Bell Work: Write 3 facts about water
BrainPop Water
Bell Work:
What problems are there with water around the work?
Bell Work: What are the issues among schools?
Bell Work: should prisoners be given the opportunity to get an education?
The Future of Water Continued
Bell Work: Should restaurants do away with tipping?
Blue Planet
Bell Work: What new tech ideas does the world need to improve the quality of water?
Bell Work: State an interesting fact
Observe Science Fair Projects
Review the top two
No class: Snow Day
Bell Work: What did you do on your snow day?
Bell work: What is something you learned from blue planet
Bell Work:  What percentage of an iceberg is above water?
Final Review Guide
Bell Work: What is something you want to improve for next year?
Final Review Guide
Bell Work:  What are you looking forward to about the break?
Blue Planet
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