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syllabus - last page to be signed and returned by Wednesday 
handouts: chapter 1 and 2, periodic table and ch 1-3 supplemental problems (all can be found on website)
complete chapter 1 and 2 of supplemental problems for Tuesday (tomorrow)
Quiz - as mentioned in the summer packet there was a chemical nomenclature quiz.  
Polyatomic Ion quiz = this Thursday
Retake nomenclature quiz - this Friday 
quick review of chapter 1 and 2 - as a class we will go over some of the content in the notes and some of the practice questions in the notes.
HW: study polyatomic ions for Thursday's quiz and continue studying for chemical nomenclature retake quiz.  

go over writing chemical equations and supplemental problems section 1 and 2
discuss net ionic equations and the mole concept  
 *** polyatomic quiz tomorrow (I give you the name and you give me the formula) and chemical nomenclature retake quiz on Friday
Complete the following problems from the stoichiometry notes by Friday: 2 - 9, 13 and 14 
Make sure you know how to solve all supplemental chapter 3 problems thru 3-12; I will cover 3-13 and beyond  
today - polyatomic ion quiz, go over supplemental problems and mole, net ionic equation
set up lab stations
to do: study and print out lab: percent zinc in penny 
Today = chemical nomenclature retake 
Lesson - avg. atomic mass, empirical/molecular formulas, stoichiometry (including limiting reactants)
HW: have the practice problems in the stoichiomety note packet complete, have the supplemental problems from ch 1-3 complete and have the Mass Spectrometry POGIL packet complete.
For Monday - we will not be starting the lab on Monday but go ahead and print out the lab and have it with you.  There will be a short quiz on molar conversions, empirical and molecular formulas and stoichiometry on Wednesday. Come to Tuesdays tutorial with any questions you may have. 
bell work: 
2.0 kg of nitrogen reacts with 2.0 kg of hydrogen to produce ammonia. Identify the limiting reactant, the excess reactant, the theoretical yield of ammonia and the amount of excess reactant that remains.
Classwork: we went over the combustion analisys problem from the notest
combustion analysis  - complete problems 1 - 3 
also, complete year 1982 and 1991 from ap free response stoichiometry problems   (there is a working link that was posted last week)
You should have already printed and read through the percent zinc in a penny lab. Be prepared to begin the lab tomorrow if not today.  You will have class time tomorrow to ask questions and to continue working on some mor of the free response questions 
Bellwork: write the chemical equation, complete and net ionic equation:
solid sodium hydrogen carbonate reacts with acetic acid to produce aqueous sodium acetate, water and carbon dioxide gas.
CW: we discussed the first 3 of the combustion analysis and the ap stoichiometry free response questions from 1982 and 1991 
bell work: 
Bell work: none
we went over the free response question
Quiz - 1 combustion analysis problem 
*** if you are retaking the quiz and need help then google (you tube, Khan academy) solving combustion analysis problems. 
HW: complete half side of stoichiometry multiple choice questions. 
bellwork: free response question (will put a link when possible)
review 1st side of MC questions 
finish collecting data 
continue studying for chapter 1-3 test - look over free response, notes, worked problems, multiple choice problems 
as a class we went over questions in relation to tomorrows multiple choice test and Wednesdays free response test 
ch 1-3 multiple choice test 
study for free response section  
chapter 1-3 free response test 
Print these notes for tomorrow: chapter 4 notes 
free response portion of ch 1-3 test
last nights HW: print the notes for chapter 4 and bring them to class. You can find a link to these notes on 8/23
students will read page 1-7 of chapter 4 note, complete exercises number 1-7 from notes and and complete numbers 1-6 from soltuion concentration worksheet (to be turned in at the end of class)
HW: finish anything that you did not finish in class
*** Lab report is due Friday
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