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Dr. P’s Biology Songs

Biology Songs By Topic


· Molecules Gone Wild (Bio Style)

· Oxidative Phosphorylation

· I’m Atoms

· Covalent Love

· Carbon is a Girl’s Best Friend

· Proteins

· Carbohydrates (This is Why I’m Sugar High)

· The Enzymes Song

· Mr. W’s Enzyme Song

· Chemistry Music Video 29: It's A Family Thing

· Chemical Compounds in Cells Song

· Mr. Lee - Chemistry rap

· The NEW Periodic Table Song


· Classification Rap

· The Classification Song


· Mr. Lee - Genetics rap

· Genetics Song

· Human Inheritance Song


· GTCA Song (BioRad)

· PCR Song (BioRad)

· PCR Rap



· Mr. W’s Cell Song

· Call Me Golgi

· Sweet Home Golgi Apparatus

· Vacuole Song

· Nucleus Song

· Cells, Cells, Cells

· Parts of the Cell Rap


· Freshwater Biomes Song

· Desert Biome Rap

· Ecosystems Song

· Science Biome Song - Tundra

· My Biome Song

· Marine Biomes Song


Antibiotics Song

Scientific Method:

· Scientific Method Rap

· Scientific Method Song


· The Lab Song (Bruno Mars Parody)

· Science Wars

· Independent and Dependent Variables Song

· You Know All Your Variables (One Direction parody)


Cell Communication:

Too Late to Apoptize

Energy (Photosynthesis & Respiration):

· Mr. W’s Glycolysis Song

· What Makes Glycolysis

· Glucose Glucose

· Want ATP

· Photosynthesis/ Respiration Song

Molecular Biology:

· Mr. W’s DNA Song

· Mr. W’s Protein Synthesis Song

· Chromosomes

· The DNA Song

Systems (Animal & Body):

· What the Spleen Do?

· Myofibrils

· Muscle Rap

· Circulatory System Song

· Digestive System Song (TF)

· Nervous System Song (TF)

· Nervous Systems Song

· The Heart Song


Cellular Reproduction:

· Mr. W’s Cell Division Song

· Meiosis Square Dance

· Mitosis Dance


The Story of All Life-Evolution Song


· Photosynthesis Rap

· The Photosynthesis Song


Mr. W’s Virus Rap



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