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Summer Assignment Handouts
There are two parts to the AP World History summer assignment, a geography assignment and a reading assignment.  The summer assignment will be used by both AP World History teachers for the 2018-2019 school year.

Geography Assignment
The summer geography assignment will familiarize you with the major landforms and waterways necessary to understand global history and the geographical regions specific to the AP World History course. You will first need to print the handout from following link ( You can then find the landforms and waterways via Google or most online and paper maps. The geographic regions can be found on pages 32-33 of the AP World History Course and Exam Description.

You will turn in the completed maps at the beginning of the school year.

Reading Assignment
A History of the World in 6 Glasses by Tom Standage
ISBN: 978-0802715524
Making historical arguments and supporting those arguments with relevant evidence is an integral part of the AP World History course. In fact, one of the four types of historical thinking skills that AP World History students are expected to learn during the school year is “Crafting Historical Arguments from Historical Evidence.” Furthermore, this skill is the basis for all three of the essays students will write on the AP Exam.

The summer reading assignment is designed to encourage students to starting thinking like a historian i.e. to think about what arguments are most persuasive regarding a historical question and what evidence best supports those arguments. An effective way to learn this skill is to examine and analyze the work of professional historians—college professors who research and write books for the academic community.

For the summer assignment, students will read the book listed above, analyze the author’s historical arguments and evidence, and craft their own historical arguments.

Argumentative Essays
In the introduction of A History of the World in 6 Glasses, the author Tom Standage, argues that each beverage written about in the book represents “the defining drink during a pivotal historical period.” Your task, after reading the book to completion, is to write six, short argumentative essays that address how each of the six beverage exemplifies its historical period. You will support your arguments using the evidence Standage provides in the book. Each argumentative essay should be no longer than 300-words, typed.

You will turn in the beer and wine essays at the beginning of the school year. You will turn in the subsequent essays as the respective time period is taught in AP World History class.
This handout provides instructions to complete both parts--the geography assignment and the reading assignment--of the summer assignment for AP World History
This handout provides the maps for the geography part of the AP World History summer assignment. Print it out and complete it using the instructions provided.
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