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November 27-December 1
French III:
Monday: Review of the passe compose
Tuesday: Adjective exercise with the song "Fatigante" by Louise Attaque
Wednesday: Finish the song and review the passe compose
Thursday: Test on the Passe Compose
Friday: Start "Bienvenue chez les Chtis"
French IV:
Monday: Review the Culture pages 164-165; finish the videos related to it
Tuesday: Review the Culture pages 320-321; watch the related videos
Wednesday: Review the vocabulary page 156; quiz 12/5
Thursday: Grammar (preparation for the final exam)
Friday: Continue "Hommes Libres"
AP French:
Monday: Turn in the e-mail; review the LECTURE exam
Tuesday: Review "Schizophrenie Linguistique" and related exercises
Wednesday: Begin discussion on "La Quete de Soi"
Thursday: Discussion "La Quete de Soi"
Friday: Continue "La Guerre des Boutons"

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