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First day of school
-Go over procedures and expectations
-Introduction to chemistry
-seating chart game
-get parents to sign syllabus and return on Wednesday!
August 8, 2017
Watch lab safety video: The Lab Accident at Jefferson High
Go over lab equipment
-lab safety contract signed and returned on Thursday
August 9, 2017
Introduction to Oceanography 
Human Planet
Oceans: Into the blue pt. 1
August 10, 2017
Human Planet
Oceans: Into the blue pt. 2 
August 11, 2017
Senior Girls: class meeting in auditorium
August 14, 2017
Bell Work: 
What problem does the ocean face due to climate change?
Distribute textbooks
Discuss upcoming project
August 15-17
Tues-Thurs: work on project in lab 1612
Bell Work: 
Tuesday: How is the ocean different today from the ocean during the paleolithic era?
Wednesday: Create a question about the ocean
Thursday: You are an explorer, where would you explore and why?
August 18, 2017
Bell Work: If you had $50 and a tank of gas, what would you do this weekend?
Earth: the biography
History of Oceanography
Bell Work: 
Monday: Name something you've learned in school so far this year.
Tuesday: What was your opinion on the eclipse experience?
Wednesday: Name something interesting from someone else's presentation 
Thursday: Name something interesting from someone else's presentation
August 25, 2017
Bell Work:
What is one thing that interests you, one thing that fascinates you, and one thing that scares you about the ocean? 
Earth: the Biography
August 28, 2017
Bell Work
How much of the world is covered in water?
What is the largest ocean?
How many oceans are there?
August 29, 2017
bell work:

Could the damages of Hurricane Harvey been prevented?

How does a hurricane negatively impact the environment?

Activity: The Water Planet 
August 30-31, 2017
Bell Work (Wednesday):
What landmasses surround the artic ocean?
Where is the Mediterranean Sea located?
Bell Work (Thursday):
What is the last and newest ocean (the 5th one)?
Why is there a debate that there is only one ocean?
September 1, 2017
Bell work: 
Draw a picture of something in the ocean
Earth: the biography ICE
September 5, 2017
Bell Work:
What did you do over labor day weekend?
Classwork: pg 25 (1-15) 
September 6, 2017
Bell Work: 
List all of the oceans and seas that surround the United States
Finish review guide (due Friday)
Study for test on Friday 
September 7, 2017
Bell Work:
If you could choose one ocean related topic to study for the rest of your life, what would it be, and why would you choose it?
September 8, 2017
Test Day Rules:
Turn in your bell work and review guide to the pink basket
Book bags and ALL belongings should be at the front of the classroom
The only thing at your desk should be a calculator and a PENCIL (it’s a scantron)
The quicker you follow directions, the more time you have on your test
IF I SEE A CELL PHONE AT YOUR DESK/Pants pocket you will receive a ZERO on the test
Talking during test = zero
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