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Lakeside High School

Dekalb County Schools

Air Force - ROTC


The Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Program is a citizenship program that includes a familiarization with the aerospace environment and space technology cadets will face in the 21st century. There is a challenging academic program which includes such subjects as "Journey into Aviation History," "The Science of Flight," "Global and Cultural Studies," "Drill and Ceremony", and the "Exploration of Space". The second part of the program provides leadership education which strengthens character, encourages self-reliance, and promotes a respect for authority in an environment that instills a sense of pride, orderliness, attention-to-detail, and self-esteem.

The cadet corps and leadership curriculum are structured similarly to an active duty Air Force organization; with cadets having the opportunity to be promoted in grade and rank and be recognized by the award of medals and ribbons. The Air Force provides a complete military uniform which is worn at least once a week. There is a drill team and a color guard that participates in numerous extracurricular social, athletic, and competitive events. To reinforce what is learned in the classroom, cadets participate in many outside activities, such as field trips to military bases, aerospace facilities, museums, aerospace industries and civilian airports, parades, summer leadership schools, drill team competitions, color and honor guard events, JROTC Military Ball, Operation Christmas Child, Empty Stocking Fund, Santa's Village, and honorary academic groups.

Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps is not a recruiting program for the active armed forces; however, if a cadet is so motivated, there are scholarship opportunities and other monetary benefits available. There are no military obligations for participation in the AFJROTC program.

We are very excited about our AFJROTC program at Lakeside High School. We look forward to meeting you and further explaining the advantages of why your cadet should participate in the Air Force Junior ROTC Program at Lakeside High School.

Command Staff:
Group Commander: C/ LtCol Jaelin Watkins
Deputy Group Commander: C/ Maj. Shimunov
Operations Support Squadron Commander: C/ Major Mauldin
1st Squadron Commander: C/ Capt. Munguia
2nd Squadron Commander: C/ Capt. Arthur
Kitty Hawk Commander: C/ MSgt. Johnson
Senior Enlistend Advisor: C/ CMSgt. Macz
Logistics Officer: C/ 2Lt. Thompson
Information Management Officer: C/ 2nd Lt Benamy
Computer Management Officer: C/ 2Lt. Forbes
Awards NCO: C/ 2nd Lt Rogers
Public Affairs Officer: C/ MSgt. Rao

Comptroller: C/ 2Lt. Lawrence
Awareness Presentation Team/ Recruiting Officer: C/ 2Lt. Burt
Wellness Officer: C/ MSgt. Alper
Maintenance Officer: C/ 2Lt. Zavala

A1-Flight Commander: C/MSgt. Wolfe
A2-Flight Commander: C/ MSgt. Rochon
B1-Flight Commander: C/ MSgt. Robinson
B3-Flight Commander: C/ 1st Lt. Flores
C1-Flight Commander: C/ MSgt. Snipes
C2-Flight Commander: C/ MSgt. Cantanhede-Santos
F1-Flight Commander: C/ MSgt. Adbus-Salaam
F3-Flight Commander: C/ MSgt. Childs

Color Guard

Color Guard Commander: C/ Major Shimunov

Team 1
C/ Major Shimunov
C/ 2nd Lt. Thompson
C/MSgt. Johnson
C/ Amn Patterson
C/ Amn. Lawrence - Alternate